Work in Progress

  • Restructure and restoration building in Scandicci.

  • Restructure and restoration florentine palaces historical.

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    Application of carbon fibre bands for structural reinforcement.

    Casa-Galleria Vichi

    Facade restoration of the House-Gallery Vichi in Florence, with vintage stuccoes and decorations.
    This is one of the most important examples of building in Art Nouveau style in Italy. Continue... Photo gallery

    Prize “Italia che lavora”

    The award "Italy that works", born in 1979, aims to create an "umbrella brand" for small and medium-sized enterprises, recognizing their important backbone role in the economy of our country by protecting and promoting their image.
    Today this prestigious logo is adopted by more than 25.000 italian companies of all fields and it has been put beside the companies’ names to promote their business.

    Villa colline Bagno a Ripoli (FI)

    Restructure and restoration: inner and external. Work in progress The end of the work

    “Pio X Artigianelli” Institute

    April 2012, handover of the new flats to the President of the Institute Don G. Rolfi, with the presence of bishop of Florence G. Betori and the mayor of Florence Matteo Renzi (current Prime Minister). Photo gallery